The club resources listed below are for the use of members. The Books and Magazines listed will be stored at the meeting room at Craigieburn Primary School and will be available for loan and return at club meetings.

For all other items members wishing to loan resources must download and complete the Equipment Loan Form and email it to the club email address Then a committee member will be in touch to organise pick-up. It is expected that the club member will pick-up and return the item to the nominated committee member who is the holder of each item.

Use this link to download the Equipment Loan Form.

Please read carefully the Agreement section of the form regarding replacement or repair in the case of damage, no commercial use and acceptance of liability. No items will be loaned to members without a signed and completed Equipment Loan Form.

Mount/Mat Cutter


FrameCo Mat Master 1060B Mount Cutter

Use to create mounts and mats for your photographs.

Has both bevel and straight cut heads.

Cuts board up to 1020mm / 40″.

Members should purchase their own mount board.

This YouTube video shows how the mount cutter works.


Bowens Esprit 500 Lighting

Bowens 500
Two 500W studio flashes with modelling lights.

Includes light stands, umbrellas and various lighting modifiers.

Universal triggers included.

Click here to see the user manual
Bowen lights manual.



BenQ W1110 Digital Projector

BenQ W1110


The BenQ W1110 has both PC and HDMI inputs and can be used for images and video.







The PixelStick is a light-painting device.

It is a battery powered stick containing 200 coloured LED lights (rechargeable batteries supplied but may need to be charged).

It can be used to project light to create amazing patterns as well as photo-realistic versions of any image you like (special formatting of image is required) via an SD card.

You can read more information (and watch some videos) regarding the PixelStick at their website.

PixelStick website






Make some incredible refracted images with the Lensball.

We have a Pocket (60mm) and Pro (80mm) Lensball for loan.

Lensball web site

Fractal Filters

Fractal filters

Fractal Filters are optical quality cut class prisms that you simply hold up in front of your camera lens to get some incredible creative effects.

Comes as a set of three filters in pouch.

Get Fractals web site


Colormunki Photo

ColorMunki Photo is the simple way to colour calibrate your camera, display, projector and printer to ensure the colour you see is exactly the colour you will get in your final product.

View details on the ColorMunki web site here.


Photography Books

  • The New Digital Photography Manual: An Introduction to the Equipment and Creative Techniques of Digital Photography – Philip Andrews
  • Digital Photography – Step by Step – Tom Ang
  • Digital Photography Month by Month: How to Capture the Moments and Moods of Every Season – Tom Ang
  • How To Photograph Absolutely Everything – Successful Pictures From Your Digital Camera – Tom Ang
  • The Adobe Photoshop CC Book: The Complete Guide for Photographers 2016 – Martin Evening
  • The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC Book: The Complete Guide for Photographers 2015 – Martin Evening
  • 50 Photo Projects – Ideas to Kick-Start Your Photography – Lee Frost
  • K.I.S.S. Guide to Photography – John Garrett
  • Digital Camera – Dave Johnson
  • How to Do Everything with your Digital Camera – Dave Johnson
  • The Adobe Photoshop CC Book for Digital Photographers – Scott Kelby
  • The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC Book for Digital Photographers – Scott Kelby
  • Photograph Your Kids Like a Pro – Heather Mosher
  • Understanding Exposure – Bryan Peterson
  • Lightscape – Ian Rolfe
  • Photojournalism – Time-Life Books Editors
  • Herald Sun: 25 Years of Pictures (Various)

Photography Magazines

Various copies of Digital Camera World magazine.