Facebook Page Guidelines

The club and its accompanying Facebook page were set up for like-minded people, willing to share in each other’s company and ideas regarding photography. We are not a competitive group and are supportive of each other’s skills and talents. By joining the club Facebook page, you are agreeing to abide by the rules stated below.

  1. The club Facebook pages are designed to be used to discuss photography and related topics. Posts unrelated to photography should not be made.
  2. All posts must be suitable for an audience that includes children – please refrain from nudity, violence or any sexual references.
  3. Constructive feedback is welcomed, as long as the creator of the image has invited it when putting their photo on the Facebook page.
  4. If members are not willing to take questions and provide information about images like EXIF settings, locations, techniques used etc, then their photos should not be posted on the Facebook page.
  5. Any direct threats, provocative comments or abusive text to members will not be tolerated under any circumstances (including through private messages) and the committee reserves the right to instantly dismiss the member from the Facebook page with no warning or explanation required.
  6. Events on the club calendar are open to all financial members & during these events the club is covered by VAPS public liability insurance. In addition, members are free to organise their own outings & may advertise these on Facebook but are not obligated to do so or invite other members. These member organised outings are not covered by VAPS insurance.
  7. It is assumed that all photographs you post are your own work unless otherwise stated. Posting other people’s photographs or work for the viewing of members is welcomed but please make sure you state it is not your work and credit the source and photographer if known.
  8. The club encourages the use of legally purchased and properly licensed software and does not condone software piracy. There must not be any discussion, encouragement or enablement of software piracy on this Facebook page or at club functions. We recommend that only images created with legally licensed software are posted here.
  9. Members may make photography related advertising posts on the page once per month. Advertising posts that are not relevant to the purposes of the club, or that are made more frequently than monthly, will be removed by administrators at their discretion and without notice.
  10. The club Facebook page administrators reserve the right to delete any posts or comments that do not abide by these guidelines.
  11. Any member who blocks any of the Administrators of this page will be removed immediately.
  12. The CCC Members Facebook page is for financial members of the club ONLY. After the due date for membership fees each year, the club will review all members on this page and reserves the right to remove people who’s fees are overdue, members would be re-added once fees are paid.